Julyherb offers safe drink and tea thickening agent AGAR powder

Agar AGAR powder quality standards conform to the provisions of the national standard GB1975-80: drying weight loss :≤15%
Cautery residue % (ash content) : ≤5
Water insoluble matter % : ≤1
Arsenic (AS) % : ≤0.0001
Heavy metal (Pb) % : ≤0.004
Water absorption: 75ml (maximum number)
Starch: Gel strength according to regulations: > 800g/cm2
Gel strength: > 800g/cm2

What is AGAR powder? 

AGAR powder is a kind of algal gum extracted from cauliflora and other red algae plants. It has a history of more than three hundred years in our country and Japan. Because of its special gel properties, it has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical, textile, national defense, biological scientific research and other fields, known as “novel East Asian products” internationally.
People use agar for obesity, diabetes, constipation, yellowing of the skin in infants (neonatal jaundice), and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. In dentistry, agar is used to make dental impressions. In manufacturing processes, agar is used as an ingredient in emulsions, suspensions, gels, and certain suppositories.

How does it work ?

AGAR contains a gel-like substance that expands in the gut. This can irritate the intestines and cause defecation. This expansive action is considered a useful laxative and weight loss. AGAR tends to make people feel full, so they may stop eating earlier than usual. Some people believe this reaction leads to weight loss. But until now, there hasn’t been enough solid scientific evidence to support this weight-loss theory.

Application field:

AGAR consists of two parts, Agaropectin and agaropectin. Agarose, as a gelled agent, is a non-ionized polysaccharide that does not contain sulfate (salt). It is a gel-forming component whose macromolecular chains are linked alternately to β-D-galactosyl pyranose residues and 3, 6-α-l-galactosyl pyranose residues at 1,3 glycoside bonds. The non-gel part of AGAR pectin, a complex polysaccharide with sulfates (salts), glucuronic acid, and pyruvate aldehyde, is also the part that commercial extraction attempts to remove. AGAR color in industry from white to yellowish, with colloid, no smell or a slight characteristic smell, AGAR insoluble in cold water, easily soluble in boiling water, slowly soluble in hot water.
AGAR because of its special gelation properties, especially significant stability, hysteresis and hysteresis, and easy to absorb water, has a special stability effect; It has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical, textile, national defense and other fields.

AGAR powder2

In the food industry with incremental agent, thickening agent, emulsifier, gelling agent, stabilizer, excipient, suspension agent, moisture retention agent of excellent effect, can be used in the production of: crystal gummies, gummies, aquatic products, canned meat, fruit juice drinks, pulp drinks, rice wine drinks, dairy drinks, fine products, dairy cake, jelly, pudding and so on.

AGAR powder3
AGAR powder4

More widely used in the food industry, as a thickening agent, coagulant, AGAR melting at about 90 degrees, about 40 degrees condensation as a solid, often eat jelly, cold powder are added, can be said to be harmless. Also available suspension agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, preservative. Widely used in the manufacture of orange and various drinks, jelly, ice cream, pastry, gummy, canned, meat products, eight treasures porridge, tremella bird’s nest, soup food, cold food.