Julyherb Wholesale High quality cas 98-79-3 L-Pyroglutamic acid powder

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Julyherb Wholesale High quality cas 98-79-3 L-Pyroglutamic acid powderBasic information

Product Name: L-Pyroglutamic acid powder cas 98-79-3
Appearance: powder,White powder

Place of Origin:

Application: Chemical organic intermediates
CAS: 98-79-3
Shelf Life: 24 months


Storage: Cool Dry Place
Purity: 98%

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L-Pyroglutamic acid Powder Concentrate

L-Pyroglutamic acid is 5-oxyproline. It is formed by the dehydration of α-NH2 group and γ-hydroxyl group of glutamic acid to form a molecular lactam bond. It can also be formed by the loss of the amino group within the glutamine molecule. L-pyroglutamic acid is also known as L-pyroglutenic acid, L-pyroglycine. It precipitates from the mixture of ethanol and petroleum ether as colorless orthomorphic bipyramidal crystal with melting point of 162 ~ 163℃. Soluble in water, alcohol, acetone and glacial acetic acid, slightly soluble in ethyl acetate, insoluble in ether.L-Pyroglutamic acid PowderL-Pyroglutamic acid Powder


Julyherb Wholesale High quality cas 98-79-3 L-Pyroglutamic acid powder

L-Pyroglutamic acid is used in food, cosmetics and other industries; Used as organic synthesis intermediates, food additives, etc. L-Pyroglutamic acid is one of the main components of skin natural moisturizing factor, and its moisturizing ability is much higher than glycerin and propylene glycol. It is an excellent raw material for modern skin care and hair care cosmetics. In addition to its application in cosmetics, L-pyroglutamic acid can also be used as a derivative with some other organic compounds, and can also be used as a surfactant for detergent; Chemical reagents,

organic intermediates.

L-Pyroglutamic acid PowderL-Pyroglutamic acid Powder