Julyherb OEM Urolithin A capsules 500mg 



Julyherb high quality OEM Urolithin A capsules 500mg

Basic information

Name: Julyherb high quality OEM Urolithin A capsules 500mg 
Main ingredients: Urolithin A
Allergen information: Dairy-free, egg-free, soy free, gluten-free
Capsule size: “0”, “00” ; “1” ; “2” ; “3” and “4”
Molecular Weight: 228.20
Apperance: White capsule
Application:  Healthcare products raw material
Specifications:  250mg, 500mg, 700mg
Dosage: 1pcs each time, 2times per day
Dosage form Tablets, capsules, softgels, granule. It can be customized.

Urolithin A Capsules is made of Urolithin A Powder,Muscle is irreversibly lost with age, but new findings suggest that urolithin a can change that.This supplement makes a great addition to your regimen if you are trying to support muscle strength and performance.

Urolithin A, also known as Urolithin A (UA), is a metabolite of gut microbes. The raw material of Urolithin A (UA) is ellagitannins obtained from food, and ellagitannins are hydrolyzed in the gut to release ellagitannins acid, which is further processed into urolithin A by the intestinal flora.

Urolithin A is a metabolite compound resulting from the transformation of ellagitannins by the gut bacteria.It belongs to the class of organic compounds known as benzo-coumarins or dibenzo-α-pyrones. Its precursors – ellagic acids and ellagitannins – are ubiquitous in nature.

Sample display

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Julyherb factory supply high purity CAS 1143-70-0  urolithin a food 98%

1.Healthy dietary supplement (capsule, powder, tablet)

2.Health care products

3.New health product developement

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