Julyherb OEM Natural supplement 98%HPLC Wogonin powder cas632-85-9

Wogonin powder


Julyherb OEM Natural supplement 98%HPLC Wogonin powder cas632-85-9Basic information

Product Name: 98%HPLC Wogonin powder cas632-85-9
Appearance: powder, faint yellow powder

Place of Origin:

Shaanxi, China
Application: organic intermediate
CAS: 632-85-9
Test Method: HPLC 
Shelf Life: 24 months


Storage: Cool Dry Place
Specification: 98%

Sample display

Wogonin powder Concentrate

Scutellaria baicalensis is the dried root of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi in the labiaceae family. Born in grassland, high dry gravel hillside; Our country is mainly produced in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi and other places.Wogonin is yellow needle-like crystal (ethanol aqueous solution or ethyl acetate-benzene), melting point 203℃, easily soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone and ethyl acetate, soluble in ethanol, acetic acid and chloroform, slightly soluble in benzene and water, insoluble in carbon disulfide and petroleum ether.Wogonin powder

Wogonin powder


Julyherb OEM Natural supplement 98%HPLC Wogonin powder cas632-85-9

1.Wogonin powder can be used as a nutritional supplement.

2.Wogonin powder can be used as raw material.

3.Wogonin powder can be used for chemical experiments, for content determination/identification/etc.

Wogonin powder