Julyherb natural extract 95% soy phytosterol powder



Julyherb natural extract 95% soy phytosterol powder

Basic information

Name: Julyherb natural extract 95% soy phytosterol powder
Specification: 95% GC
Apperance: White fine powder
Grade: Food grade

Sample display

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What is Phytosterols?

Phytosterols, also known as plant sterols or stanol esters, are naturally occurring compounds found in plants that are similar in structure to cholesterol found in humans. When consumed in the foods you eat, they compete with cholesterol for absorption in the intestine.
Phytosterols are found most predominately in fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, whole grains, soybeans, mushrooms, lentils, and nuts.
Campesterol, beta-sitosterol, and stigmasterol are the most common plant-derived phytosterols. The phytosterols of Julyherb mainly contains rapeseed oil sterols, rapeseed sterols, stigmasterol and sitosterol components.



Where to buy Phytosterols powder ?


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Phytosterols are a series of products that have applications in food, medicine, and animal nutrition.