Julyherb Natural and synthetic supply high quality 99% oyster meat extract powder



Julyherb Natural and synthetic supply high quality 99% oyster meat extract powderBasic information

Product Name: Supply high quality 99% oyster meat extract powder
Cultivation method: artificial planting


UV Test
Appearance: Powder,Brown yellow powder
Packaging: 1kg/ Bag 25kg/drum
Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China
Specification: 5:1 10:1 20:1
Shelf Life:: 24 Months


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Oyster extract powder Concentrate

Oyster extract (JCOE) is a kind of mixture which is separated and extracted from whole oyster by special method. It is rich in glycogen, taurine, 18 kinds of amino acids, B vitamins, polysaccharides, low molecular active peptides, Fe, Zn, Se and other minerals and trace elements. At present, oyster alcohol extract and oyster water extract are commonly used. Oysters are also known as oyster shells, oyster shells, left shells, left oysters, and oyster clams. It is the shell and mollusk of Ostreagigas Thunberg, Ostrea talienwhanensis Crosse of Dalian Bay, or Ostrearivularis Gould. Mainly produced in Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning and Shandong coastal areas.Oyster extract powder


Julyherb Natural and synthetic supply high quality 99% oyster meat extract powder

1.In recent years, the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries have used modern biotechnology, high technology of food processing, new chemical and other technical means to research and develop the active ingredients in oysters, and a wide variety of food additives, condiments and other products have been developed. A set of effective methods for extracting taurine from oysters with a purity of 98.5% were established, which can be used as food additive. 2.Development and utilization in the field of food industry In the field of food industry, there are oyster raw processing products and deep processing products. The primary processing mainly adopts fresh, dry, salted, canning and other methods, such as steamed oysters, fresh fried oysters, raw fried oysters, oyster soup, dried oyster products, frozen products, oyster soy sauce, refined oyster sauce, etc. Oyster sauce is the most common product processed from oysters, which is loved by many consumers at home and abroad. To this end, oysters can be made into a variety of oyster cans to meet consumer needs. Oyster deep processing mainly uses modern enzyme technology, fermentation technology, ultrafine grinding technology to develop products. Two kinds of condiments rich in amino acids, oyster sauce and soup, can also be prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis of oyster meat. After enzymatic hydrolysis of oyster, the utilization rate of protein was improved, which was more conducive to human absorption. At the same time make the product taste more delicious, higher nutritional value.

3.Oyster shells can be used to prepare oyster shell lime with dyeing function, oyster shells mixed with clay can be used to prepare cement, widely used in construction, decoration and other fields. Oyster shell powder not only contains high calcium content, but also rich in many trace elements. In addition, oyster shells can also be used to prepare various feed additives, fertilizer additives, cement additives, coating additives and soil conditioners.Oyster extract powder Oyster extract powder