Julyherb ISO Certificated supply Purity 97% Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane powder

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Julyherb ISO Certificated supply Purity 97% Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane powderBasic information

Product Name: Purity 97% Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane powder
Appearance: powder,White powder

Place of Origin:

Application: chemical intermediate
CAS: 429-60-7
Shelf Life: 24 months


Storage: Cool Dry Place
Purity: ≥97%

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Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane Powder Concentrate

Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane is colorless at room temperature and pressure, trifluoropropane trimethoxy-silane is a silane reagent, sensitive to water, and should be kept as dry as possible when stored. Synthesis method: 3,3, 3-trifluoropropyl trichlorosilane is carefully added to a high-temperature dry reaction bottle, and then n-hexane is added to it, stirring to make it evenly mixed, and then slowly adding methanol to the reaction system, the resulting mixture is heated to the reflux state, and the reflux reaction can be monitored for several hours through gas chromatography, waiting for the reaction to be complete. The n-hexane and incomplete methanol in the reaction system are removed by rotating evaporation under vacuum, and the residue obtained is purified by distillation to obtain the target product trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane.Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilaneTrifluoropropane trimethoxysilane


Julyherb ISO Certificated supply Purity 97% Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane powder

Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane can be used to produce cross-linked polymers and supramolecular compounds. Ether bonds are easily broken under alkaline conditions, and the resulting silanol can be intermolecularly coupled to obtain macromolecular polymers. In addition, the silicon units in the structure can also be transformed into organofluorosilicates, which have unique reactivity in coupling reaction and free radical reaction.

Trifluoropropane trimethoxysilane