Julyherb Hot sale of quality cordyceps militaris extract 3%cordycepin



Julyherb Hot sale of quality cordyceps militaris extract 3%cordycepinCordyceps militaris extract

Product Name

High quality 100%  natural Cordyceps militaris extract

Type Mushroom Extract

Brown Yellow Powder

Specification 3%
Keywords quality cordyceps militaris extract 3%cordycepin
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Cool Dry Place


1. You can order directly if you need small quantity Cordyceps militaris extract,you can also consult me for product details.

2. Specification is  Cordyceps militaris extract is  3% polysaccharide.

3. We will choose DHL/TNT/Fedex to ship according to the destination country. 

4. Please contact us freely if you need large quantity, or haverequirements for shipping details.Cordyceps militaris extract

Product describtion

Cordyceps militaris extract is a dual-purpose fungus, its protein content is as high as 40.7%, which contains not only a complete variety of essential amino acids, sufficient quantity, and appropriate proportion. Artificial cultivation of Cordyceps militaris also rich in vitamins and minerals, has a good edible value.quality cordyceps militaris extract 3%cordycepin

Cordyceps militaris extract

quality cordyceps militaris extract 3%cordycepinquality cordyceps militaris extract 3%cordycepin