Julyherb High quality wholesale prices pea protein powder textured pea protein

pea protein


Julyherb High quality wholesale prices pea protein powder textured pea proteinCordyceps militaris extract

Product name  Julyherb Food additive raw materials in bulk lactoferrin powder
CAS NO.  9000-70-8
Appearance Creamy Yellow or Yellow Powder
Specification 80% 85%
Keywords textured pea protein
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Cool Dry Place


1. You can order directly if you need small textured pea protein,you can also consult me for product details.

2. We will choose DHL/TNT/Fedex to ship according to the destination country. 

3. Please contact us freely if you need large quantity, or haverequirements for shipping details.Cordyceps militaris extract

Product describtion

Pea protein contains all the essential amino acids for the human body and it is a full-price protein. In addition, pea protein powder is a non-GMO food, no soy allergens, and high safety. The absorption rate of pea protein powder is more than 95%, which solves the problem that the body is difficult to absorb protein from food and reduces the burden on the stomach. This product is light gray powder, water-soluble, and is the most promising alternative protein for allergen populations in the market.-6.jpg

Cordyceps militaris extract

1.Textured pea protein can be used in biscuit,milk powder,candy,snacks,soft drinking,sports drinking,fermentation.


2. Textured pea protein can be used in producing pet food, fish meal, aquatic, poultry meal.