Julyherb factory direct sales new product Purity 99% carnauba wax food grade powder

  • Carnauba wax powder
  • Carnauba wax powder


Julyherb factory direct sales new product Purity 99% carnauba wax food grade powderBasic information

Product Name: Purity 99% carnauba wax food grade powder
Test Method: HPLC 
Appearance: powder,Light yellow fine powder
Storage: Cool Dry Place
Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China
Specification: 99%Purity
Shelf Life: 24 Months


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Carnauba wax powder Concentrate

Carnauba wax, obtained from the leaves of the carnauba palm, consists mainly of wax esters, high-carbon alcohols, hydrocarbons, and resinous substances. A pale brown to grayish yellow powder, flake, or irregularly shaped, hard and brittle wax. Mildly smelly, but almost tasteless. Carnauba wax does not undergo rancidity. Soluble in warm trichloromethane and warm toluene, slightly soluble in boiling ethanol (95%), almost insoluble in water.

Carnauba wax powder


Julyherb factory direct sales new product Purity 99% carnauba wax food grade powder

1.Used as food ingredients: polishing agent and polish agent for chewing gum, polishing agent for soft and hard bean gum candy and chocolate;

2.Used for building materials: floor wax: make it have unexpected polishing and bright effect. Rubber products: It can enhance the hardness of rubber and prevent the hardening of rubber caused by sun cracking. Especially useful for building fabrics. Asphalt and floor joint materials: improve their water resistance and viscosity; Roofing material: improved water resistance and durability.

3.Daily field: shoe polish: suitable for oil sole or underwater shoe polish polishing furniture: is still underwater or oil bottom unparalleled polish. Leather products: For the coating and preservation of leather, so that leather clothing and leather handbags have a dazzling luster and can also be used as a leather polishing and leather oil base. Carbon paper and printing inks: known as the “blood of life” of the carbon paper industry.

4.Industrial field: used in the aircraft to wrap the exposed part, to give it lasting protection and reduce surface friction, in order to improve its flight speed. Chemical industry: used in a wide range of forms and formulations. Synthetic wax: Goes into the composite to make it a bright, all-weather coating for cars, trucks, buses and trains. Casting industry: Used in casting wax and galvanizing process.

5.Other uses: in soap, lip balm, ointment, candles, matches, paint (paint), varnish, plaster, artificial fruit, phonograph record production has a wide range of uses.Carnauba wax powder