There are various types of plant extracts, and their functions are also diverse. An extract often has different effects, but it can be roughly divided into five categories: coloring, flavor output, pharmacological effects, and health care functions.

Coloring: Pigment is the main component of plant color. Some plants are extremely rich in pigment content and can be used for pigment extraction. There are dozens of plant pigments available in my country, such as curcumin, safflower yellow, radish red, beet red, sorghum red, chili red, etc.


Flavoring: Plant extracts are often rich in characteristic components that can effectively stimulate the senses, such as sweeteners and volatile substances. Natural sweetener is a new type of sweetener that is popular at present. It not only has outstanding sweetness, but also is an ideal substitute for sucrose, and its health effect is remarkable. Such as steviol glycoside, mogroside and so on. Essential oils are concentrated volatile substances, which are often used in the preparation of spices, and are also the industry with the lowest application threshold among plant extracts, with the least regulatory restrictions.


Pharmacology: The use of Chinese herbal preparations has a long history and is relatively prosperous in Asia. In recent years, driven by the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, it has become world-renowned. Extracted raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine: refers to the extraction and separation of traditional Chinese medicinal materials or natural plants, which have clear active ingredients and can be used as raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine preparations; and are used for the production of Chinese patent medicines. , liquid extract, dry extract, active ingredients, effective parts and other ingredients of the extract.


Health function: The ingredients in plant extracts include glycosides, acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, terpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids, etc., and these ingredients have been proven to have biological activity in research, and have a non-negligible effect on human health. The development of its health care function has become the mainstream application trend of plant extracts.