NAD Pre-Cursor vs. Urolithin A


1.NAD Pre-Cursor  vs. Urolithin A (Definition)

NAD Pre-Cursor stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide. It is a naturally occurring molecule that acts as a direct precursor to NAD+, a critical coenzyme necessary for energy metabolism and cell function. As we age, NAD+ levels decline, which is associated with many age-related chronic conditions such as neurodegenerative disease, metabolic conditions, and certain forms of cancer.Studies have shown that NAD Pre-Cursor supplementation increases NAD+ synthesis in the body, which is associated with improvements in health and the aging process.


Urolithin A is a naturally occurring compound that improves health at the cellular level. Like NAD Pre-Cursor , Urolithin A works at the mitochondrial level, where it drives energy production, protects against DNA damage, which improves the health of the mitochondria, provides people with a great option to promote cellular health.

2.NAD Pre-Cursor  vs Urolithin A (Function)

Urolithin A is a gut-derived molecule that research shows can energize cells, increase muscle strength and improve endurance. Urolithin A and NAD+ boosters both support energy production and play a role in the aging process, but they do so in different ways.

Urolithin A dietary supplement that provides a purer and stronger dose than we can get through diet alone. There are over 14 years worth of research demonstrating its benefits. Since Urolithin benefits stem from its impact on the mitochondria, it plays a powerful role in how we age.


Both NAD+ and Urolithin A help to create new mitochondria through a process called biogenesis; however, Urolithin A has another important function. It optimizes a process called mitophagy, where damaged mitochondria get removed and recycled into newer, more efficient ones.

3.NAD Pre-Cursor  vs Urolithin A (Safety)

There are over 300 clinical trials investigating both the safety and efficacy of Urolithin A in human clinical trials, supplementing with Urolithin A demonstrated significant improvements in muscle health when compared to placebo. Additionally, Urolithin A is FDA GRAS approved, and NSF Certified for Sport, which speaks to its safety and quality.


4.NAD Pre-Cursor  vs Urolithin A (Conclusion)

Both NAD Pre-Cursor and Urolithin A promote healthy aging and increased life span by acting on the mitochondria. With the recent concerns NAD Pre-Cursor has made headlines as the FDA looks into its potential use as a drug and stops dietary supplement sales. If you are looking for an NAD Pre-Cursor  alternative, Urolithin A, might be just what you are seeking.