Mengding Mountain, with green mountains and rolling hills, is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round due to abundant rainfall. The soil is acidic and loose, rich in organic matter required for the growth of tea trees. Its unique geographical, climate, soil and other natural conditions breed excellent quality.

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According to written records and historical evidence, the earliest artificial tea cultivation in China originated from Mengding Mountain in Ya’an. In 53 BC, Wu Lizhen, a native of Ya’an, planted seven tea trees in Mengding Mountain, the first in the world to cultivate tea artificially.”

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located in Ya’an, takes advantage of its unique tea resources and raw materials, gives full play to its technical advantages in the extraction industry, and vigorously develops the extraction of tea polyphenols, an effective substance in green tea.

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Tea polyphenols, as an assembly of polyphenols in tea, contain more than 30 kinds of phenols, of which the main components are catechins and derivatives, which are chemical components with health benefits in tea.

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Tea polyphenols have anti-aging, allergy relief, detoxification, aid digestion, radiation protection, tooth protection, and beauty effects, and are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, dietary supplements and other industries.drf (5)