Health Benefits of Serrapeptase

What Is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is a chemical taken from the silkworm. It is a commonly used drug (Takeda Chemical Industries) in Japan and Europe. In the U.S., serrapeptase is classified as a dietary supplement.
Serrapeptase is used for conditions such as back pain, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, and for conditions generally associated with pain and swelling (inflammation), but there is no good evidence to support these uses..


How does it work ?

Serrapeptase helps the body break down protein. This might help decrease inflammation and mucous.


Serrapeptase Function
  • As Food and beverage ingredients.
  • As Healthy Products ingredients and lose weight .
  • As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.
  • As a health food and cosmetic ingredients.

Dosage information:

The standard dose for serrapeptase is 10-60mg.
Serrapeptase should be supplemented on an empty stomach, which is 30 minutes before a meal or two hours after a meal, three times a day. Most studies use 10mg of serrapeptase taken every eight hours.
More human evidence is needed to determine the optimal dose of serrapeptase. 10mg of serrapeptase is equal to approximately 20,000 enzymatic units.