Cosmetic grade hair care product Silk protein softener p35

Conditioning Shampoo :1.0-2.59

Bureau Ointment Conditioner :0.8-2.090

Conditioning type of styling products :0.5-1.09

Packaging and storage 25kg/drum Keep the packaging sealed, storage and ventilation, dry place.

Product description:

Silk protein softener p35 is a chitosan silk fibroin protein of animal and plant origin. It has good biodegradability and is rational for severely damaged hair. Contains silk protein, nutritious and smooth, prevent hair damage and split, Make hair healthy, moist and smooth again. Sik-p35 showed good tone in various types of damaged hair Reason. Winter climate is more dry and slippery, summer is more hot and smooth, giving hair a wet winter and summer cool silky feeling.

Silk protein softener p35-2

Silk protein softener p35 properties:

Soft and effective improvement of wet comb and quick repair of damaged hair.
Application can be used in a variety of personal care products, including: high-end leave-in and wash off conditioner, conditioning shampoo, baking cream.


Natural mild, biodegradable, oil – hydrophilic balance and a variety of surfactants have good compatibility Leaves a soft and silky touch on hair and skin surface. Disperses in cold water and has strong compatibility.

Function and use:

  • Skin care function

Silk protein can be used as a good material for cosmetics. It has these characteristics:

(1) The structure of silk protein is similar to human keratin, and it has a good affinity for dialysis keratin;

(2) Silk protein is rich in nutrition, containing more than ten kinds of amino acids similar to the amino acids contained in the skin, no foreign body stimulation on the skin;

(3) Silk protein has good film forming properties, the better the absorption and extension of the skin and head surface;

(4)Silk protein has good hygroscopic property, can make the skin maintain a certain water content.helps to protect the gastro-esophageal system, relieves painful heartburn helping the body counteract the effects of GERD.

Silk protein softener p35-4


  • Hair care function

The hair care function of silk protein depends on its absorbability, absorbability, film forming ability and moisture-regulating ability of hair.



  • Application of silk protein in functional materials, fibers and fabrics.

Silk protein can be mixed with a material solution, including polyurethane, to form a resin skin soap. Silk protein can also be used as an additive for special-purpose cement and as a surface coating for durable materials.