Supply Food Cooling Agent WS23

WS-23 gives a cooling effect similar to menthol, but without the taste of mint. This is a vital ingredient in many recipes!
WS-23 is a cooling agent that has little or no odour or taste and a little stronger than koolada.
As opposed to other cooling agents, WS-23 is more round and smooth in character.
This additive is good for those who enjoy “cool or icey” cooling impacts with less flavour muting than other popular additives.
A water soluble, multipurpose agent, 30% in USP PG.

Food Cooling Agent WS23
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The feeling of being cold and infinite

We are committed to creating new products and discovering new applications for existing products. Chillers have been around for decades, the most famous being menthol. Our series of coolants provide a unique, tasteless and refreshing feel, which can be used alone or as a supplement to menthol to help extend the cool and refreshing feel in final applications, or for fruit flavors to enhance the juicy feel. The low volatility of these compounds allows for skin contact without creating a burning sensation in the eyes. To meet today’s customers who need specific sensory experiences, physiological coolants are needed to provide a strong and unforgettable sensation.

Cooling agent series: excellent performance

Our Flavor and Sensory Ingredients business unit has been a major supplier of cooling compounds, including WS-3, WS-5, WS-10 liquids, WS-12, WS-27, and menthol lactate. These products enable our customers to use coolants in a wider range of market segments and applications. Our sensory studies have shown that different coolants can be sensed in specific areas of the mouth with different cooling curves. Each coolant has unique characteristics in terms of cooling strength and lifetime, as well as negligible odor and low volatility. Our series of coolants and fragrances have met the requirements of 22000 food safety system certification.

Application of Food Cooling Agent WS23

Often mixed for use in essence, perfume, cosmetics and oral care products

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