How Phytosphingosine Can Be Your Ultimate Skin Protectant?

What is Phytosphingosine?

Phytosphingosine refers to a fatty lipid present in your skin’s outer layer with both water-attracting and water-repelling properties. It is one of the most important protective elements of your skin barrier, besides 15% fatty acid, 50% ceramides and 25% cholesterol.
If your skin barrier breaks due to any external aggressors, your skin starts displaying it in the form of redness, rashes and irritation . Thus, you need phytosphingosine in your skincare products to keep its barrier intact.

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Where is it found?

In 1884, chemist J.L.W coined the word phytosphingosine, which was taken from the term “sphingoid”, a major component in all biological membranes. There are four types of sphingoid bases and phytosphingosine is one of them. Phytosphingosine is a widely distributed natural sphingoid base and found in fungi, plants, and animals.

How To Use Phytosphingosine?

Phytosphingosine is easily found in many skin care products like serums, facial oils, eye creams, moisturizers. Anyone who is looking for a solution for their dry and flaky skin can use it. One thing you need to keep in mind while using phytosphingosine is applying the product evenly on your skin.
How often you should apply the product depends on the product type and your skin condition. For example, if you are using a moisturizer or eye cream, it is recommended to apply it daily.
Also, phytosphingosine works best with ceramides and peptides. Ceramides help to hydrate your skin further and peptides have anti-aging benefits. Together, they are the ultimate protector for your skin!

Benefits Of Phytosphingosine For Skin

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  • 1. Protects Your Skin Barrier

Just like every other delicate thing on earth, your skin needs protection. As explained earlier, your skin’s outer layer has a protective barrier to keep toxins at bay. Phytosphingosine stops irritants from entering through your skin’s protective barrier, preventing dry patches, redness, rashes, painful bumps and acne.

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  • 2. Boosts The Natural Moisturizing Factor

With age, you start losing your natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and your skin becomes dry and rough. You may also notice fine lines and wrinkles. According to studies, phytosphingosine locks the moisture in skin, modulating filaggrin metabolic pathways. These pathways are responsible for NMF production.
NMF keeps the surface of your skin hydrated and supple. Skincare products enriched with phytosphingosine can help to infuse NMF in your skin. Apart from working as a shield for your skin, phytosphingosine prevents water loss and saves you from dehydration.

  • 3. Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Bacterial Benefits

When your skin barrier is compromised or weak, outside irritants tend to get inside your skin, which causes redness, dryness, itching etc. In case of severe reactions, you may face skin conditions like eczema. Phytosphingosine can help treat these skin conditions. Recent studies show that phytosphingosine has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, making it ideal for acne and irritated skin conditions.