What is Instant Tea Powder

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Instant tea powder is a plant extract by extracting the active ingredients in tea by high-tech extraction methods, and scientifically blending the extracted components. Instant tea powder has the characteristics of no pesticide residues, no additives, completely soluble in water, hot and cold, etc., and can generally be drunk directly or after blending.
Instant tea processing is not simply to concentrate and dry the tea soup, it must apply high-tech means to overcome the drawbacks of difficult solubility, easy deliquescence, and no tea aroma. Instant tea is a convenient solid beverage that is made into powder by extraction, filtration, concentration, drying and other processes using tea leaves as raw materials, and can be brewed and drunk directly. Among them, extraction is an important part of instant tea production, and the extraction conditions not only affect the color, aroma, taste and other qualities of the finished product, but also affect the yield of the finished product. Instant tea basically maintains the original color, aroma and taste of tea, and has the advantages of nutrition, convenience and hygiene.

Classification of instant tea powder

Instant tea is one of the important factors to measure the quality of instant tea, which can be divided into cold – dissolved type and hot – melted type.

  • Cold-soluble type refers to the ability to quickly dissolve in cold water below 10 degrees Celsius (including ice water)
  • Hot melt means that it can be completely dissolved in hot water above 50 degrees Celsius. The aroma and taste of hot melt instant tea is higher than that of cold melt tea.

Classification of instant tea powder

  • Instant black tea
  • Instant green tea
  • Instant white tea
  • Instant Oolong tea
  • Instant Jasmine tea
  • Instant Chrysanthemum tea

Flow chart of instant tea powder

Instant tea manufacturing process includes:

  • Water treatment, material selection, extraction, filtration, purification, concentration, mixing of ingredients, drying (spray drying and freeze drying)
  • High utilization rate of raw materials, low water content, suitable for long-term preservation, while retaining the essential characteristics of tea, bright yellow green color.

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Advantages of Instant Tea

1. It is a healthy choice
Instant tea powder is manufactured with the pure ingredients without any harmful chemicals. In addition, natural and herbal ingredients like cardamom, ginger, and lemongrass provide significant health and energy benefits to the human body. It will be helpful for boosting your body’s energy levels instantly whenever you are working, travelling or simply tired.
2. Weight Management
The ingredients in instant tea premix help our body with metabolism. It burns the fat that isn’t required and gives you more energy. As a result, it acts as a medicine for those who want to lose weight. It helps to maintain proper weight and prevent depositing extra fat that can cause weight gain.
3. Protects the liver
Green tea premix can has gained huge popularity as it is loaded with the antioxidants which help in liver detoxification. Regular consumption of instant green tea results in better liver function.
4. Keeps Heart Healthy
Instant tea premix helps to lower cholesterol levels. As a result, you can avoid cardiac problems such as heart attack and stroke. Instant healthy tea is beneficial for heart as well as brain health.
5. Excellent for Urgent Boost
When you’re hungry, need energy, or feeling low, a tea premix comes in handy. A cup of instant tea can rejuvenate your energy level instantly. It’s like a energy drink you can enjoy and serve your guest as well.
6. Saves time
Instant premix tea, as the name indicates, is ready at the moment. To brew the instant tea premix powder, all you need is a cup of hot water. In general, preparing tea takes 10 to 15 minutes, but if you have instant tea powder, it only takes one minute. The best thing is that you can get hot water easily from anywhere, and you only have to mix the instant premix tea & enjoy.