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What is Potassium iodide powder

Potassium iodide powder is a non-toxic, non-corrosive chemical substance used in various industrial productions. This substance is very important and can be used as a raw material or as an additive. Therefore, it is important to know about its application and efficacy. First of all, relatively speaking, hydrochloric acid and its derivatives are widely used in industry. For example, they are used in gel sewage treatment, metal surface treatment, food processing, delustering treatment, paint manufacturing, latex-like electronic component manufacturing, etc. And this is where the power of potassium iodide lies—it can not only measure the concentration of metabolic gases quickly, but also promote the rapid balance between a few gases (such as H2 or CO)—so that it can ensure that the taste of food or other products is not bad. It will taste bad.In addition, potassium iodide is often regarded as a sideline god of agriculture by people.

Iodine plays a crucial role in metabolism, hormone balance, immune system health, and mental health. The greatest concentration of iodine is in your thyroid, but your muscles, brain, salivary glands, and skin also require it. Iodine is especially important to women’s health as it’s an important building block of hormones produced in the ovaries.
Iodine is critically important during fetal and child development. Thus, all pregnant women should be conscious of their iodine intake. Severe cases of prenatal iodine deficiency can lead to stunted physical and mental development and deafness.

Potassium iodide powder is a common monomolecular inorganic salt with many uses. This is because it has unique physical and chemical properties that can meet the requirements of different applications. In addition, due to the presence of I-nuclei in its noble metal functional unit, a new element is also formed: iodine. As a raw material for industrial acid coating or hydrogel antibacterial agent materials in industrial production, crop restoration, food additives and mining water-proof seal/high-efficiency gel agent intermediate materials, the salt has been widely used in the above aspects application. In addition, it can also be used as a lightning protection device; use non-chlorine detergent foam or scum. It is also widely used. In short, whether it is industrial production or agricultural repair, food processing and lightning protection devices, there are a large number of applications – so it seems that for users, there is no mercy when choosing POTASSIUM IODIDE POWDER!

What is Benefits of Potassium iodide powder

Potassium iodide powder

Potassium Iodide is a white, odorless chemical compound made up of 76% iodine and 23% potassium. You might also see it represented by its chemical formula, KI: K for potassium and I for iodine. As a supplement, KI exists in tablet or liquid form. Potassium iodide’s most well-known use is in radiation emergencies when it’s taken to flood out the radioactive iodine with a stable, safe iodine form.


Healthcare providers also use potassium iodine during surgeries or as a topical skin treatment, and individuals may use it as a nutritional supplement and for detoxing. However, KI is not the ideal form of iodine for some of these uses.
A concentrated form of potassium iodide is the preferred treatment post-radiation exposure for preventing the thyroid uptaking the radioactive form of iodine (I-131). The KI saturates the thyroid gland, preventing other forms of iodine for entering for 24 hours. The dose should be repeated once daily until the threat is gone.[2]According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the amount of potassium iodide that should be taken in response to a radiological disaster is as follows: