Superfine pearl powder

Definition of Superfine pearl powder

The cultivation techniques of freshwater pearls and seawater pearls (taking southern pearls as an example) are different, so the structure is also different. Freshwater pearls are seedless, and all ingredients are composed of nacre, so if freshwater pearls are used to make pearl powder, there will be no other substances mixed. Seawater pearls have nuclei, and the nuclei are generally ground from the shells of trotters. The nacre only covers the surface, with a thickness of 0.1-0.3 mm. The growth period is about 1 year (freshwater pearls last 4-5 years). However, if seawater pearls are to be processed into 100% pearl powder, the core must be removed first, which is costly and difficult to process

Used of Superfine pearl powder

  • (1)The medicinal value of pearl powder taken orally

Taking pearl powder in conjunction with other medicines is the best companion when taking medicines.

  • (2)Oral administration of pearl powder for beauty and beauty

Take pearl powder orally, and mix it with daily ingredients,such as oatmeal, honey, milk, green tea), not only for beauty and beauty, but also for health care.

  • (3)Precautions when taking pearl powder orally

When taking pearl powder, it should be noted that pearl powder is a cool medicine, and only people with dry and hot constitutions are suitable for taking pearl powder internally. Taking it without authorization will not have the effect of beauty and anti-aging, but may also bring health risks to the human body.

  • (4)External use of pearl powder can effectively whiten the skin, brighten the complexion, and remove dark spots.

Identification of true and false Superfine pearl powder

Look at the type:

Look at the packaging:

To process seawater pearls into pure pearl powder, the core must be removed first, which is costly and difficult to process, and even if it is processed, the purity will be greatly reduced. The purity of freshwater pearl powder is higher than that of seawater pearl powder.

Good pearl powder is mostly sealed and stored in bottles, which can reduce the contact area between pearl powder, air and human body, and facilitate storage. Packing in bags is not conducive to the preservation of pearl powder, and it is also not conducive to consumers’ access. Low packaging costs are mostly the hardest hit areas for counterfeiting.

Look at the weight:

Look at the price:

High-quality pearl powder is in short supply and is often out of stock. The average weight of each bottle is about 30g. However, poor and fake pearl powders are often sold in large portions at low prices. When you see that the number of grams is more than 100g (especially in bags), you must choose carefully.

Raw materials and processing costs determine that the price of pearl powder cannot be so cheap. The average price of high-quality pearl powder on the market is more than 6 yuan per gram, so choose carefully the bagged pearl powder whose price is less than 1 yuan per gram.

Appearance color:

Good pearl powder has the same color as pearls, showing the original tender white of pearls, silky and fine powder, small balls can be seen, and it can be opened when touched, but there is no agglomeration. The color of poor and fake pearl powder is either pale (adulterated, etc.), gray (containing heavy metals), yellow (high temperature damage), or black (shell powder).

Skin feel:

Good pearl powder is fine and smooth when rubbed with hands, without graininess, and after rubbing, a thin layer of fine powder floats on the fingertips, which can be evenly applied to the skin. Poor and fake pearl powder is rough, and the graininess is obvious when rubbed by hand.


After rubbing the pearl powder with your fingers, the high-quality pearl powder smells only a faint original fishy smell unique to pearls, or almost no obvious smell. Inferior pearl powder has an obvious smell (close to the smell of stinky feet). The taste will be more pronounced when partly mixed with water.


Good pearl powder can be taken orally directly, the taste is silky and delicate, it melts in the mouth, and it doesn’t make your teeth crack. And poor, fake pearl powder tastes grainy, smelly, and even burnt and smelly.