Highly Effective Deodorant Zinc Ricinoleate Powder CAS:13040-19-2

What is Zinc Ricinoleate?

Zinc Ricinoleate is a popular, highly effective ingredient for Odor Neutralization.
Use zinc ricinoleate when formulating an odor absorbent, a naturally derived deodorant or other products where an effective odor absorption is desired.
A highly effective deodorant based on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid.

Specifications of Zinc Ricinoleate Powder

INCI: Zinc ricinoleate
CAS: 13040-19-2
Water-insoluble: melts with other oily components in the oil phase.
Melting Point is 160F°/71°C. pH value 6.6. Biological degradability 99%
Shelf Life Min: 3 Years
Use: Can be melted together with the other oily components of the oil phase, preferably at 80°C/176°F. Emulsify as usual. Typical use level is 1.5-3%.
For external use only!!!

Uses and Benefits of Zinc Ricinoleate:

Deodorant Zinc Ricinoleate
  • l Zinc ricinoleate is intended for use in making deodorants and odor absorbents.
  • l Zinc ricinoleate traps and chemically absorbs odor molecules formed during bacterial decomposition of perspiration
  • l It does not inhibit transpiration and is therefore not an antiperspirant
  • l Because of the special properties of zinc ricinoleate it has fungicidal or bacterial properties, so it will not interfere with the skin’s natural flora.
  • l Very useful when making emulsion type deodorants

Why we use Zinc ricinoleate CAS:13040-19-2?

Zinc Ricinoleate

As much as we love using ingredients that come from nature, they have to be safe and effective, too. Lucky for us, zinc ricinoleate fits the bill. It’s most commonly used in natural underarm deodorants, but it works perfectly as an Air + Fabric Freshener, so why hide it? It’s also a better alternative to the toxic chemicals and masking agents used in conventional air fresheners.