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What is Parsley Extract?

Parsley extract, otherwise known as carum petroselinum extract, is a skincare ingredient that may have oil-controlling and other skin nourishing properties. This is due to the high amount of vitamin C, K, beta-carotene, and antioxidants.
Our parsley extracts are perfect for flavoring marinades, spreads, dips, bread, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, liqueur, beer, and wine. With natural flavor, no preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors, our Parsley water-soluble extract is a fantastic addition for all your savory applications.
Great for use at home or in a professional kitchen, our parsley extract is so highly concentrated, a little really will go a long way! Use our specially calculated use levels to ensure that your creations come out with a beautiful flavor note. However you decide to use it, we are sure you will love the results!

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Basic Information of Parsley Extract

1.Product Name:Parsley Extract
2.Latin Name: Petroselinum Crispum (Mill.) Nym.
3.Specification Ratio: 10:1-200:1
4.Part Used: Root;
5.Appearance:Brown powder;
6.Test method : UV;
7.Package: 25kg/drum;