How Ectoine Can Help Protect Your Skin

Are you looking for a natural way to protect and rejuvenate your skin? 

Our skin will always have a variety of sudden conditions: redness, dry season, easy to allergic. The reason is that the skin barrier is damaged.

Skin barrier refers to the “brick wall structure” composed of “lipids” and “natural moisturizing factors” between the stratum corneum cells and cells, and its surface is attached with “sebum membrane”, which jointly forms a natural protective barrier of human skin.

Skin barrier

Generally speaking, the skin barrier is like a wall that helps us resist external stimulation and injury, and regulate the absorption and metabolism of foreign substances. However, once the wall is damaged or collapsed, the collagen and moisturizing factors in the skin will continue to be lost, and the external microorganisms and bacteria will continue to invade, resulting in skin problems such as sensitivity, acne, red blood streaks, color spots, and relaxation.

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Sensitive skin, barrier damage and how to solve it? Let’s meet the patron saint of the skin barrier—Ectoin.

In 1985, Professor Galinski found in the Egyptian desert that desert halophilic bacteria would generate a natural protective component – Ectoin – in the outer layer of cells under high temperature, dry, strong UV irradiation and high salinity, thus opening the self-repair function. In addition to deserts, the fungus is also found in saline-alkali land, salt lakes, and sea water, which can give a variety of stories. Ectoin is derived from the Halomonas Elongata, so ectoin is also called “halophilic bacteria extract”. Under extreme conditions of high salt, high temperature and high UV radiation, ectodoine protects halophiles from harm. Salt lakes and deserts are some of the harshest environments on Earth. Amazingly, despite these deadly conditions, there has been life in this environment for millions of years. Highly adapted bacteria, known as extremophiles, thrive under conditions of dryness, high salinity and extreme temperature changes, thanks to protection known as Ectoin. Ectoin is an amino acid derivative that belongs to the extreme enzyme component. Extreme electrolytes are protective molecules with very little stress that protect extremophiles and plants from living in salt lakes, hot springs, ice masses, deep oceans, or deserts. Ectoin protects these organisms from harmful environmental impacts in their habitats. After expert studies have proved that ecdoine also has a good repair and protection effect on the skin, and its natural protective properties have been applied to the health care, life sciences and cosmetics industries.

Ectoin is a strong hydrophilic substance. These small amino acid derivatives bind the water molecules around them and produce what is known as “Ectoin hydroelectric recombination.” These complexes then again surround cells, enzymes, proteins, and other biomolecules, forming protective, nourishing, and stable hydrated shells around them.

Ectoine mechanism

Ectoin’s remarkable stability and protective properties bring visible and long-term anti-aging effects to our skin. Clinical studies have shown that skin conditions continue to enhance, such as increasing elasticity and reducing wrinkles or skin roughness. By repairing the skin, restoring and regulating the skin’s moisture content, Ectoin reduces TEWL (transdermal water loss), improves hydration, and retains skin moisture for 7 days without reuse;

Ectoin also calms and soothes irritated and damaged skin. The regeneration process of the skin is significantly increased. Due to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties, Ectoin is even used to treat atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis) or allergic skin diseases;

Ectoin was shown to be able to 100% protect epidermal immune cells called “epidermal melanocytes” from damage. In addition to the skin’s antioxidant defense, these cells help protect the skin by recognizing antigens and inducing antibody defense responses. Epidermal melanocytes are sensitive to external stressors. A decrease in the number of epidermal melanocytes is a sign of skin damage and aging. Ectoin protects the number of epidermal melanocytes in UV-exposed human skin, thereby reducing UV-induced cellular immunosuppression. Ectoin prevents photoaging by protecting epidermal melanocytes from damage caused by ultraviolet light. Studies have shown that 0.5% of Ectoin protects 100% of epidermal melanocytes. Uv stress did not destroy the epidermal melanocytes in the ectoin-treated area! 100% protection for 0 damage;

Ectoin has been shown to be an alternative to corticosteroids without any side effects. Can be used to treat eczema, neurodermatitis. Ectoin is also safe and approved for the treatment of inflamed and atopic infant skin.

Ectoin is widely used in daily chemical products. Because of its mild, non-irritating, moisturizing force MAX and no greasy feeling, it can be added to various skin care products, such as toner, sunscreen lotion, cream, mask liquid, spray, repair liquid, toner and so on.

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