Sclerotinia sclerotiorum gum – a pure natural biopolymer moisturizing agent

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SCLEROTIUM GUM, also known as SCLEROTIUM GUM, is widely used in cosmetics and skin care products as a film-forming agent and skin conditioning agent. Its excellent safety profile and risk factor of 1 make it a trustworthy ingredient in cosmetic formulations. Additionally, it has been found to have no adverse effects on pregnant women and does not contribute to the formation of acne.

One of the main advantages of SCLEROTIUM GUM is its stability at high temperatures and under various pH conditions. This natural polysaccharide polymer, also known as scleroglucan, has remarkable compatibility with the skin. It effectively forms a protective film that helps lock in moisture, keeping skin hydrated and preventing dehydration. Additionally, this film-forming property contributes to the overall stability of the cosmetic product.


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What is the role of hydrolyzed small nucleus gum in skincare products?

  • Moisturizing and locking in water

Hydrolyzed sclerotinia gel, also known as sclerotinia, is a natural high molecular weight moisturizer that can increase intercellular water content, prevent cell water loss, and provide deep hydration to the skin. It has a water locking function and can firmly grasp the moisture between the skin.


When hydrolyzed small nucleus gum is added to skincare products, it can effectively moisturize and moisturize the skin, keeping it continuously hydrated and smooth. Persisting in using such skincare products can delay skin aging, inject vitality into the skin, and make the skin younger and more radiant.

Experiments have shown that when using skincare products containing hydrolyzed small nucleus gum, due to its good moisturizing properties, it can effectively improve skin scales and reduce skin wrinkles. And the higher the concentration of hydrolyzed small nucleus gum (HG), the better the improvement effect.

  • Repair skin

Hydrolyzed small nucleus bacterial gum can effectively promote keratinocyte proliferation and repair the skin barrier.

Due to its excellent film-forming properties, using skincare products containing hydrolyzed small nucleus gum can effectively protect the skin against sudden colds, heats, pollen, dust, etc., reduce damage to cells caused by the external environment, and thus effectively prevent skin inflammation.

In the local application experiment, it can be seen that the total tingling sensation is reduced by 10% after the application of cream containing hydrolyzed sclerotinia glue, effectively reducing the stimulation of external environmental pressure.

  • Intimate and comfortable

Hydrolyzed small nucleus bacterial gum, also known as hard pectin, has stable properties under high temperature, high cold, and different pH values.

Due to being a natural extract, it has high safety and good compatibility with the skin. Even fragile sensitive skin can be used with confidence.

And it has a wide range of applications. It is possible to see the figure of hydrolyzed microbiota gel in facial mask, essence liquid and cream